Tuesday, April 24, 2012



... 3 ...
    The first night out which i experienced was going to a mokka movie GhostRider-2 . Without having any plans to go to movie v went to andhra mess and while crossing ags one of my friend initiated the movie plan. After having a heavy dinner v got tickets for the movie and started to cheer as soon as the movie name came on screen. We are in the thought that it 'll be full of action sequences as like its previous version. Once the movie started one of my friend started to sleep and the rest of us were seeing the movie for the only reason that we payed 120rs for the movie :P The movie got over by 1'o clock. OMR road which will be full of traffic during most of time is empty. We were waiting a lift for more than half an hour. Fortunately a taxi driver gave lift from Navalur to colege and we reached college by 2'o clock.
    This time we planned and booked ticket for the over-hyped movie "3" for a song "Y this Kolaveri di". As usual we finished our dinner in andhra mess and took bus to navalur and reached theatre on time for movie. The movie experiecne is a mixed one as movie is good in some parts and mokka in some parts. This time we somehow got a share-auto till kelambakkam and after reaching kelambakkam we thought of taking a walk till college. Me along with 5 of my friends started our journey with a photo taken in centre of road, hearing songs and talking silly stuffs within ourself. It took more than an hour to reach college still the walk is simply nice.
    This is the third nightout for the movie "OK OK". After finishing our dinner we came to ags. This time it's a b'day treat of one of my friend and we booked the tickets already. We ppl cheered for almost all the scenes of movie. The movie is an entertainer so we ppl njoyed the movie to the core. Once the movie got ovr we got an share-auto to kelambakkam and had a walk to college. The difference to the previous outing is the no.of ppl's. This time the count is 8.
    So sad to say all these kind of njoyments are going to get over very soon... Life as a college student rocks tat too as an ssnite its simply gorgeous. Thank u SSN for changing my life :)


  1. So you had all the fun na?? Thats awesome :) Good post :) BTW where is the OKOK picture?!?! :P :P :P Life in college is always a roller coaster ride :) :) We don't have to be responsible for our mistakes :) All that I-DONT-GIVE-A-DAMN attitude :) Totally carefree fun life with those insane idiots called FRIENDS :) :) I am missing that now :) nostalgic :(

  2. OK OK pona po we haven't took pics since low battery in my mobile :)