Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transition from SLB to SSN

School days are the golden days of anyone's life. It's the same in my case too. That too if u come from a Govt school like the one which i came from(exclusive boys school) then those days are the most memorable days one can ever get in their life.  The P.E.T(Physical Education and Training)periods during which we used to play high catch,7-stones,basketball and the fights that happen during the basket ball matches which disappears as soon as the period gets over,the first basket which i scored for my class team,my silly fights with my close friends are all really unforgettable.

Even though i had all these memorable moments i still feel that i missed many things in my school days like going out with friends,hanging out with them and many other things. Most of my leisure time is spent infront of my PC in playing games.From 10th to 12th most of the time i used to spend in tuitions which made my schedule hectic. But still i had time to spend with PC playing all the new graphics games which was released at that time :P One thing i have to say that i haven't know anything about girls and don't had friends from opposite sex :P

August 11,2008 the day when i entered the next heaven(SSN),i felt bad after my parents left me in hostel . In noon during the Cognizant program i saw a girl who came forward when the compere called some volunteers ,that moment i felt like bulbs glowing :P. She's the first girl whom I liked. This is my first change in my college. Then as days went by came to know many friends,started adjusting to hostel environment. One person(girl) from my hometown got introduced to me by the girl whom i told above.As days went by she became my best friend.This is my next change.. In first year i haven't got that much friends in college. My friends circle is small as like my school days.I still remember the first exam which i bunked(EG unit test).

After entering the 2nd year i got an excellent gang of friends. The first outing with friends is when i went to SRM college for PARADIGM(our dept symposium) publicity.This is my next change.First time symposium works,friend betraying me,proposing a girl,and many many changes happened.First time outing with girls (to mahabalipuram)  then MUNNAR tour are awesome.The first real sad thing happened in the gang is when two friends stopped talking to eachother b'coz of a girl.

In 3rd year going out with friends became a regular thing.Started bunking many classes and hanged out with friends,which is the next change.The trip to GOA is the ultimate enjoyment which i had with guys.
With many and bitter moments third year went by.Now entered final year of college life. I regret of missing PARADIGM this year. Had tough times still had a lot joyful time with my gang.

From school life to now the only thing without any change is my interest towards PC games especially FIFA.Now gonna enter the final semester of college life so feeling bad of missing all my dear friend and my wonderful gang. :(

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